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Alison Hackett, founder of the 21st Century Renaissance reached out to us in September of 2020 to make some promotional videos of her book, The Visual Time Traveller. The books itself is a finely currated collection of historical facts displayed on visually stunning pages designed by expert illustrators and graphic designers. 

This project involved a soicially distanced shoot in Alison’s home in South Dublin. We shot an interview with Alison as well as some videos of her exlpaining the background of some of the pages in the book.  We were fortunate enough to be able to make use of a lot of natural light to compliment the impressive surroundings of the location. That allowed us to use our lighting set up to bring attention the details of each page we recorded. Using wireless lav mics allowed Alsion to speak and move comfortably around the pieces while we captured clean audio. 

We then worked closeley with Alison’s graphic designer to produce the motion graphics that appear throuout each video. The process involved frequent, iterative adaptations to the first version of the motion graphics to create a template which was used to produce the subsequent videos. 

It was a pleasure working with Aileen O’Meara and her team who are always friendly and professional both during recording and later in post-production.   We all enjoyed the afternoon at my house creating a new suite of videos for The Visual Time Traveller website and YouTube.  My main memory is of feeling she never hurried me but let me tell my story in my own time as if it was an extended private interview.  The videos coming out are wonderful — such an asset which will enhance my presence as a writer and publisher in Ireland.

Alison Hackett

Author/Curator, The Visual Time Traveller


Alison Hackett



JULY, 2020




Video production, Motion graphics, On location recording

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