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Just before the Summer, Orla Farrell of the Easy Treesie Project reached out to us for help with a TEDx Event she was planning. After working with the client to schedule recording sessions with the contributors we got to work capturing the lectures for broadcast. While working virtually we are so often at the mercy of less than ideal wifi connections but it is important to try everything in our wheelhouse to get the best possible results. We made use of some of our tried and tested methods of capturing audio remotely and the end results certainly speak to the effort we put in.

The post production process consisted of the creation of a short motion graphic for the beginning and end of each piece, the assembly and editing of each individual lecture, and scheduling the live broadcast itself. The graphics were designed with close considerations given to the TEDx Branding requirements.

During the live event, a member of the Rathdown Media team acted as producer: Playing the videos, giving cues and feedback to the multiple speakers that were participating live, and keeping time to ensure the event ran on schedule.

Overall, the event was a resounding success. The Crann Trees for Ireland message was approved for distribution by TEDx and is available on their YouTube channel with 31.8 million subscribers.


Crann Trees for Ireland



April, 2021


Events, promotions


Video production, Virtual Live Events, Motion Graphics, Audio 

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