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The Alcohol File is a podcast to help people better understand the impact of alcohol on their daily lives. Commissioned by Alcohol Action Ireland and hosted by Eunan McKinney, their Head of Communications and Advocacy, The Alcohol File brings together experts from around the globe to discuss harm reduction, economics, and the hidden impact of alcohol consumption. 

This podcast has been produced entirely remotely from conception to distribution using a virtual recording service. This offers the obvious advantage of being able to remain safe at home while recording and allowing for international guests but also comes with the challenges of solving problems from a distance. The beginning of each recording session is dedicated to getting all the podcast guests connected and talking to each other before doing a soundcheck and kicking off. 

We also provided scripting and presentation feedback, distribution advice, and editing services for this project. 

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Alcohol Action Ireland have worked with Aileen and her crew for some time now and we have always found their support to be invaluable. Since 2020, we have been producing our own podcast series ‘The Alcohol File’ and the advice, and patience, we have received from Rathdown Media has been both insightful and generous. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.

Eunan McKinney

Host, The Alcohol File


Alcohol Action Ireland



July, 2020




Podcasting, audio, Remote Production

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