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Orla Farrell, founder of the Easy Treesie project, came to us in early 2020 to cover an event she was hosting in the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin. The event consisted of school children measuring trees in St. Stephen’s Green and learning about climate change followed by a short awards ceremony for those who took part. 

We came in to document the event and produce a short promotional video to spread awareness about the project. This involved recording with the children over the course of the day as well as filming an interview with Orla herself. 

Since this was very much a run-and-gun shoot, organisation and equipment selection was important. The videographer on the shoot had to make use of natural light both inside and outside of the RIA and switch audio set ups on the fly to achieve the best results. A gimbal was put to use throughout the day to obtain steady, dynamic shots. 

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We worked with Rathdown Media for both training and video content for Aileen and her team brought their professional approach and strong experience of storytelling to the work; our first outing with Aileen was when we made an entire film series in a day involving small children at 3 locations; we had such a great day and the series, “The Irish Tree Trail” has been hugely popular and helped us draw in support for our registered charity. We were very pleased with the video they made for the Tree Academy event at the Royal Irish Academy held before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Orla Farrell

Project Founder, Easy Treesie





February, 2020




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