Cystinosis Network Europe Virtual International Conference 2020

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Cystinosis Ireland is a charity dedicated to funding research and raising awareness about Cystinosis, a rare metabolic disease. The International Conference on Cystinosis was dues to take part in Ireland in early 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic it had to be moved online where it took place over Zoom.

We were contacted to take the raw recordings made of that conference and create a number of videos for distribution on the Cystinosis Ireland YouTube channel so that they could be viewed by those who were unable to watch live.

This project involved a lot of creative problem solving. The conference was broadcast and recorded in 8 different languages and there had to be a video for each one. The bulk of the time spent working on the videos was in audio correction. Each language was recorded on a different audio set up ranging from smartphones to headsets to studio mics so each one required it’s own method to get the best quality we could achieve.

The short animated intro was created based on some promotional material that was supplied by the client. 

The videos are available to watch on the Cystinosis Ireland YouTube channel.


We worked with Rathdown Media on our 2020 virtual conference to provide video playback of the sessions for our international audience.  Ewan and Aileen were extremely helpful and efficient and we were delighted with the finished product.

Denise Dunne

Operations Manager, Cystinosis Ireland


Cystinosis Ireland 



April, 2020




Audio, Virtual Production, Motion Graphics 

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